New Year’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all! We’ve had a busy 2019, so there is much to include in our year end update!

Natalie stays busy with acupuncture 3x a week (and two different acupuncturists), physical therapy once a week, and visiting her neurologist, pain specialist, GI doctor, primary care doctor, and therapist on a regular basis.  On top of her packed social schedule, Natalie enjoys using her Thera Cane Max trigger point massager, inhaling peppermint oil every 1-2 hours, and selecting which crazy socks she owns best suit the events of the day. This year, Natalie loved getting her braces removed a month early (because she had to get a brain MRI), trying opiates for the first time, and experimenting with countless different sets of dietary restrictions (though what she can and cannot eat remains remarkably unclear).  She can identify over thirty different pills on first glance and swallow anything of any size without gagging (including her sadness).

Cory doesn’t have a spare moment between doing most of the chores and cooking, but he has become better at both.  He enjoys organizing Natalie’s pills in a huge pill organizer that was clearly designed for old people (it has a convenient travel case!), and doing something called “work,” which is apparently distinct from what Natalie does all day getting to and from doctor’s offices.  This year, Cory loved getting to read an entire chapter of a book before Natalie’s nightly emotional rant and watching three seasons of Parks & Rec while Natalie was in the hospital. He also came up with the idea for this New Year’s update letter, which Natalie says is “the third actually funny thing he’s thought of this year.”  Way to go, Cory!

Donut has lost some weight.

We wish you a much different and less eventful 2020 than our 2019!

The Meads

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