Are you feeling better?

If you’re the friend who recently got an earful after asking me this question…sorry about that. Ever since developing chronic migraine disorder, certain questions rub me the wrong way. And what’s worse, my preferences change over time, so certain questions that seemed good two years ago just don’t anymore. For example: “Are you in a…More

Miles for Migraine

Hey you wonderful blog readers! Just dropping a quick note to let you know that I’m walking to raise money for migraine research & care this weekend. There’s no cure (yet) for migraine disorders like mine, yet the Global Burden of Disease Study indicated that “migraine is one of the main contributors to disability worldwide”…More


This week marks two years since the beginning of my eight-month-long migraine. And it feels like everything about my life changed over that short span of time, from the big picture down to the small details. I could write a novel, I think, about everything I’ve learned. But blog posts are easier to write, and…More

Introducing, Lucy.

Lucy is a friend of mine. Perhaps you know her? I see her on bus ads and billboards pretty often around here, but it wasn’t until two years ago that we got to know each other. We hit it off quickly, and before long, I was staying over at her place for days or weeks…More

I’m dissatisfied.

Six months ago, I started weaning off my medications for chronic migraine. What an adventure that’s been, and I’m not even halfway done! If everything continues according to plan, which it almost certainly won’t, I’ll be off my medications by the end of 2021, more than a year after I started this arduous process. And…More

Dogs are lucky because they don’t wear pants.

My dog, Donut, usually waits until I crash onto the couch, exhausted from grocery shopping, to notice I exist. Grocery shopping is my least favorite chore, so I’m really not in the mood to socialize with my otherwise senile, curmudgeonly canine when he keeps me up after a trip to the store.  The other day…More


Sigh.  I didn’t mean to abandon this blog, but here it lies, no update since August.   I hope you understand, it’s not because my migraines miraculously stopped that I stopped writing.  It was because as one week dripped into the next, slowly, like a bag of saline, things changed.  Quitting my job last July was…More

Joy Deposits

A while back, I wrote a post bemoaning the phrase “How are you?”.  I was surprised by how many people agreed that this simple question can be near impossible to answer for those struggling with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or any other invisible illness.  But “How are you?” isn’t the only phrase that gets me…More


There is a paper grocery bag on our kitchen floor, next to the trash can.  It’s been there for a year, visible to anyone who comes in the house.  Most people don’t notice it at first, but on their way out, this inconspicuous brown Safeway bag seems to always catch their eye.  It first started…More

Eight Months

Since last year, I dreamed of what it would be like to have no 24/7 headache.  I pictured the moment it stopped and saw myself crying tears of joy.  I imagined telling all of my friends and family as soon as it happened, then being magically transported to some verdant hillside to raise my hands…More


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